14 January 2011


So, seeing as I'm a reading fanatic, I decided to sit down and read Tantalize and Eternal by Miss Cynthia Leitich Smith

To put it lightly, they ROCK. 

And now, waiting ever so patiently (read: not at all, actually) for the arrival of the next book, Blessed, I spied this giveaway.

Needless to say, I need this. A Sanguini's menu wipe board? Postcards? Buttons?! What more could a girl want, right?

12 January 2011

lost and found

“You’re beautiful” and I’ve lost myself. I am nothing but those words, nothing more than these complex feelings you’ve brought to me, packaged into two small words.

And then another three: “I love you.”

You have found me.

07 January 2011


She danced on the fringes of moonlight, stars twinkling in her hands. The moon sat atop her head in a Milky Way diadem, night sky clouds drifting through her eyes.

He stood at the edge of daylight, molten lava flowing around him. Mountains formed behind him, lions stood beside him, sunlight shone from his eyes.

Their hands, lips, bodies met in the dusk. In that time when the world is neither day nor night. Neither hers, nor his.

And to this day, those that looked to the sky swore they saw fireworks.