28 October 2008


Are you all set for Halloween? Still need some spooky ideas for costumes, or just want to see some amazingly weird stuff? Well then why are you still here?!? Go [here] right now!

SheWalksSoftly is an amazing blog that I have followed for quite some time. Dana,
our lovely webmistress, is all about the weird stuff in the world.
From tattoo artists who practice on more than just skin to
spooky art, retro costumes to The Chicken Car, this site has it all!
Why am I telling you about this now? Well, since you asked...
Dana is having a Mystery Prize Contest. Basically,
People will be rewarded with whoever gets the most people to read the site.
She might shut down if not enough people care. D:
Please go read it. I can almost promise that everyone will find SOMETHING that will interest them.
(And I am dying to know what the Mystery Prize is.)

27 October 2008

Coming Home

A boy around my age walked into the room and all eyes swiveled towards him. He walked part most of the admiring eyes, going instead toward the window in the back of the cafeteria - towards me. He wore neat and obviously new jeans along with an unknown -to me- band's shirt. He held a notebook in one hand and was tucking a book into his pant's pocket. I quickly noticed it was a Peter S. Beagle book, a favorite of mine.
He looked lonely. His dark, stormy blue eyes swept over the cafeteria, moving from one side to the other as if looking for someone. His eyes swept over me and suddenly his face broke into a delighted grin. He loped easily over to me, enveloping me in his long, warm arms. I could smell vanilla and stories past, while I heard him whisper, "Ah, there you are."
And I felt like I'd finally come home.
Wrote this for a descriptive writing excerise in English. What do you think?

20 October 2008


You're a wolf in sheep's clothing
you grace me with your lies
for to show me the truth
would be to burn my eyes

You're a wolf in sheep's clothing
You've been one from the start
And soon your dark secrets
Will eradicate my heart

But for now, show me your mercy. Delay my pain
and lie to me again.

Written by my friend, T.J. He doesn't think it's that good, but I beg to differ! What do you Screamers think?

16 October 2008



Some of you might now us from Inkspots.
Well we left Crossroads (yay!)
we had to leave Inkspots behind for the next generation.

So, here we are!
We hope to have a bunch of new stuff up from the summer
and for you to enjoy asap!

MY sites are still up and running.
Check them out at: