characters in this act...

Audra : my best friend. Crazy, amazing, the greatest ear to listen and shoulder to cry on. Practically lives with me. Also, my hair stylist.

Jessi: aka Brits. Aka friend from 7th grade, at a stupid school camping trip thingie. Love her. She thinks her cat's been reading her diary.

Dora: my best writing friend in the world. She's objective and will blackmail and/or threaten me in to writing. Not even kidding. In the slightest.

Eric : my fiancĂ© (: He "proposed" to me when me and Trev broke up, and he's my guy best friend. All around amazing person, and an instant pick-me-up if you're having a bad day.

Jessica : my friend from my old school. Just as insane as me.

TJ : my brother. Kinda crazy, always helpful. Might be an evil genius.

Bryan : aka "B". If you've read, then you know we've had ups and downs.

Trevor : Ex #2 and 7. And...yeah, don't know what else to say at the present moment.

Austin : Ex #5. Again, if you've read, you know how it all went down :P