01 March 2011


so, we were in college, probably, mid or at the end. idk where we were, i think somewhere around dave and mike because we were cleaning our apartment and they were coming over for dinner or something. and we were like “gah, we have to clean up,” but neither of us wanted to get out of bed because we were snuggling and all happy and still half asleep. 
so i said “well, i’ll go make french toast or something” as an incentive to get you up.
it didn’t work. i tried to get up and you just pulled me back down around my waist and buried your head in my shoulder, kissing my neck. “no, not gonna happen.”
and i fake grumbled about it, because i didn’t want to get up anyhow, and we just laid there for a few minutes.
“i like this,” you said. 
“i know, me too.”
“no, i really do.”
“i know”
but you kissed me and kept telling me i didn’t understand and how everything was just amazing and cool and great.

county fair

i don't know where or when this would be, because to my knowledge we don't have these sort of things around here, so maybe we were down south visiting my family or something?

but we were at a county fair. you know, all the old-school carnival rides and stuff? cotton candy and giant slides and horse-churned ice cream ♥ those crazy mirror mazes and the huge spaceship things? gravitrons? i love those. i rode one when i was littler about seven times in a row and wasn't even dizzy when i got off.

so, we went on all the rides, and you convinced me to go on the ferris wheel so you could kiss me at the top, even though i'm deathly afraid of heights. and we did it, and i was scared, but you held me and kept whispering that it would be fine because you were there. because you would always be there. and the sun was setting and it was beautiful and i looked into your eyes and told you how much i love you and how i always would. 

we got off, finally, and went to go through the mirror maze. i got scared inside it (don't like being enclosed in small spaces) and kept thinking i saw you but it was a reflection of your reflection. finally, you ended up sneaking up on me because i started ignoring the mirrors and trying to get out. and you just held me and we laughed because i was freaking out.