30 June 2010

ridiculous -__-"

Like Twilight? Hate it? Want the fangirls to shut up and go away?

Apparently there's a lot of "Twilighter" that hate "Anti-Twilighters" and feel they need to tell them how horrible/stupid/incorrigable they are online.

Okay, no offense, but a few things:

1) If you're going to diss something, at least have proper grammer/spelling. Or at least know the names.

2) If you have a problem with Twilight, so be it. You don't need to shout it out here. No one really cares if you like it or not. Some people do.... See More

3) If you're only a fan of the movies, don't diss the books or those that feel they are better. ESPECIALLY if you yourself haven't read them. It's ridiculous and stupid. Everyone knows books are better than movie adaptations - they can never fit that much info into an hour and a half/ two hours.

4) To those people that are like "Twilight hates stfu and you need to get a life" - Honey, if that's the best you can come up with, I think there's someone ELSE that needs a life.

5) Don't tell Hot Topic that they're selling out. The closest they've come to that is selling Justin Beiber stuff :P (Don't even start telling me I'm stupid because I don't like him. I don't care. Oh, and also? I hate Miley Cyrus.)

It's not being a Twilight hater to say people are being ridiculous. I actually love the books and think they did a decent job on the movies, but I still think people are going overboard.

That's all :)

i'm staring at the mess i made

I feel bad.

I don't have anything new for you all, nothing written at all, and I'm leaving Monday to where I won't be able to give you anything new until around the 26th. -__-"

I'm sorry.

In my absence, check out my girls at Golden Children. Lauren's Faryn, Audra's Ava, and I'm well...me. Ha. We got bored the other day and started this to keep the three of us busy and connected throughout the summer away.

If I find anything else for you all, or write something new, I will definatly let you know!

Until then, my friends, au revior.

19 June 2010

18 June 2010

just the thought of you can drive me wild

Go see our new RP ----> here. 2nd generation Harry Potter nerdiness!

Totally rocking the sweats and hoodie combo in the AC today. Mouth feels even worse than it has been, probably because of all the excitement. Might be going to Pride tomorrow, too, which means even more excitement. Blah. Except I really want to go!

I'll have more writings for you all later (hopefully)!!

14 June 2010

it was you i was thinking of

The wisdom teeth are OUT! Still don't know if this resulted in a loss of wisdom, but...yeah, let's hope not. My bottom lip is still numb, but other than I'm fine.

I have decided that in addition to my tattoo for my birthday, I want a keytar. And giftcards to Shana Logic and ThinkGeek.

And I've been working on that lion-boy thing. His name is Adrian Leone :)

13 June 2010

let your waves crash down

I don't know what to do. Jeeze, it's ridiculous, actually. All this time now that breaks on and school off, but all I can do is read and watch old Disney movies to pass the time.

I just want everything to get better.

Birth? Update : he seems to think no time whatsoever has passed in6 years, and I can't deal with it right now.

09 June 2010

well i was wrong

My birth father is in the hospital.

Keep in mind, I have had no contact with him in over 6 years. And that I will tell anyone, loudly, that I could care less if he lived or died.

But now that that's a possiblilty? I have no idea. I was walking through the store bawling once my mom told me...it's so confusing.

I'm going to go see him in 5 hours. I'm scared

08 June 2010

a little love to get you through

Dear screamers,

Why is it that things never really work out the way we want them? That the friend you thought was your best can turn around and stab you in the back, the diet program your on makes you gain weight, that someone who said they'd love you forever suddenly decides you're not worth it anymore?

Thank the gods that I just had my last day of classes. Just need to survive 3 days of exams, and then I'm finally an upperclassman. Start work at the library, getting the wisdom teeth out, and then just relaxing (and healing!) for a few weeks until I leave for TN. I miss my Papa...he got surgery on his foot the other day, and all I wanted to do was go down and watch old Westerns with him, like he likes. I just hope he's better by the time I'm there, so we can go hang out or something.

06 June 2010

drop top and playing our favorite CD's

Had a nice little party at Lenore's for passing our maths exam. Played a fair bit of Monopoly, watched Donnie Darko and Scream, ate a ton of Oreos and Doritos. It was bliss.

Dyed my hair again. Not like last time, when I just needed a chance to seperate me+a into me agian, I just wanted to. Went darker again.

Gah, I only have 2 whole days of school left, then 3 exam days. It's crazy...and then the wisdom teeth come out, and I can't talk/eat for like a week. Great. Looking forward to that.

Should have some more writings for you all soon. Once exams are over.

04 June 2010

just the way that we do...

At the coffeeshop. I feel accomplished because I'm blogging on a (stolen, Lauren's) laptop about my adventures...which aren't that cool, sorry bloggers.

Passed geometry, so I guess that's something, yeah? (Lauren says yes, and that I should stop stealing laptops...nah, why'd I stop that?)

And...um, stopped talking to B, kinda. He's a pain, and I need WAY less drama than he's got...Plus A, but that's a different story all together.

Dreaded traje de bano shopping in a few :P Wish me luck.

Peace, love

02 June 2010

it's a shame, i'm a dream...

I love dreams sometimes. Sometimes they make absolutly no sense, sometimes they help you work through things, sometimes they inspire best-selling novels...I'm kinda hoping this one is part of the last.

Everything about him was intriguing

A bronze-golden mane of hair, eyes of the warmest amber. An easy and carefree laugh, quiet personality, love shining out of his eyes. He called me his girl, his beautiful writer girl, and I felt like my world was complete and I could die a happy person.

He was a lion incarnate, strong and regal energy radiating out of his every restless movement. We were at a venue kind of place, a small one where everything feels more personal and intimate, and his band, The Escape, were playing. He played the drums, though he had the charisma, voice and the looks to be a front man if he wanted. His skin was golden, sun kissed honey, a very light sprinkling of freckles across his nose, too light to see unless you were extremely close and looking. Which I was.

He wore jeans – not the skintight skinny ones, but not the farmer boy carpenters either – with a grey tshirt with an octopus on it that hinted at some nice abs. Old, yet not ratty, Converse hugged his feet, “I <3 Reading” shoelaces dragging a bit on the floor. On his right wrist was a friendship I had made him an eternity ago when we were strictly just that – friends. Now we were something more. Something scary and thrilling and amazing.

His grin was pure light, pure electricity. That head of bronze-golden hair curled slightly were it ended around his ears, and his bangs helped add a bit of playful mystery when he leaned down to kiss me. At about five foot ten, he was a good eight inches taller than me – just enough height to make things comfortable, but he still had to lean down slightly to get close to me.