30 June 2010

ridiculous -__-"

Like Twilight? Hate it? Want the fangirls to shut up and go away?

Apparently there's a lot of "Twilighter" that hate "Anti-Twilighters" and feel they need to tell them how horrible/stupid/incorrigable they are online.

Okay, no offense, but a few things:

1) If you're going to diss something, at least have proper grammer/spelling. Or at least know the names.

2) If you have a problem with Twilight, so be it. You don't need to shout it out here. No one really cares if you like it or not. Some people do.... See More

3) If you're only a fan of the movies, don't diss the books or those that feel they are better. ESPECIALLY if you yourself haven't read them. It's ridiculous and stupid. Everyone knows books are better than movie adaptations - they can never fit that much info into an hour and a half/ two hours.

4) To those people that are like "Twilight hates stfu and you need to get a life" - Honey, if that's the best you can come up with, I think there's someone ELSE that needs a life.

5) Don't tell Hot Topic that they're selling out. The closest they've come to that is selling Justin Beiber stuff :P (Don't even start telling me I'm stupid because I don't like him. I don't care. Oh, and also? I hate Miley Cyrus.)

It's not being a Twilight hater to say people are being ridiculous. I actually love the books and think they did a decent job on the movies, but I still think people are going overboard.

That's all :)

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