12 July 2010

there's so much sun where i come from

Ohmahgosh, lovlies, I have writings for you!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy, right? But on the way down to workcation home, at a hotel, I got inspiration! Like when "Lion Boy" (aka Adrian) was born!


He had cornflake golden hair, eyes like emeralds, and he was my best friend. It was right after the school play - me and one of the other girls forgot the words to our song and everyone was mad. I sat by myself in the very last row of the auditorium, just thinking.

One of his friends came over, arms overloaded. "He wanted me to give these to you. Says you're still his little dreamer."

I took his armful, suprised at the weight. It was a card, a hardcover journal and a bag of mini KitKats - my favorites.

I opened the card first. It had been blank on the front, but the inside was full of his messy scrawl.

Dear you,

You did brilliantly, no matter the mistakes you made. You're still you, and that alone made this play worth watching.
I don't know how to say this. It's new to me, uncharted waters. I love you. You would know this if you paid attention to my songs, to my short stories...they're all about you. They've always been about you.
You've been my playmate, my protector, the one to be protected, my first kiss (since we both just wanted it over with), my confidant. But I want you to be my first - and only - love. Honestly, I think I've wanted that ever since we were little.
You're my little dreamer. I'm forever yours.

I vaguely realized I was crying as I finished reading. I had felt this every day of my life, ever since he entered into it. But to know he felt the same way was new. It was exhilarting, thrilling, uplifting.

I could see him from where I sat, and I wanted to go to him right then. But there was still the matter of the journal. I opened the front cover, seeing his familiar scrawl once again

Things about Hayley

That was when my control broke. I grabbed my pile of stuff and rushed over to him. I guess something in my eyes gave me away, because his friends left as soon as they saw me coming.

I dropped my stuff in a seat next to where we stood.

"Hey," he grinned, uncharacteristic nervousness in his voice.

"Hey," I whispered, before taking his hand in my own. "I love you too, Gabriel."

And then I kissed him.

It was like every kiss should be. Innocent, sweet, demanding, playful. Exploring. Souls connecting, so close you can almost tell the others' thoughts.

There was longing and passion. I could tell just how long he'd been waiting in every insistant kiss.

And then, it was over.

I felt like crying again, because of how empty I felt once it was over, but happy about the future - our future.

By looking at his face, I could tell he felt exactly the same. Wiping a stray tear off my face, he whispered tenderly, "I'll always love you."

What do y'all think? I'm kinda hoping to channel this into Lion Boy somehow.

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