22 July 2010

the party, part xxxv (35)

The monotony brings about some amazing things.

There is a boy, one from before our tale began, one from when our girl still dreamed of being in high school. Her first serious boyfriend, a boy that was wrenched away by a jealous 'friend' all those years ago. Someone she was afraid to talk to for the longest time. The one she's spent almost two full days talking to.

Her new boyfriend. They guy that makes her feel invincable, tells her how pretty she is and makes her feel happier than she's been.

It's incredible, actually.

How they went from the intense seperation to this closeness...even though they're 700 miles apart at the moment. Just started talking, out of the blue, then ended up together by the morning light. He makes her feel like she can do anything, because he believes in her.

And it's not the falseness like ones in the past. Everything is amplified. The sun is brighter, her bed is cozier, and just hearing his laugh makes her grin.

She is about to go crazy missing him, though.

Two days, she thinks, waiting for the trip back home. Two more days, and then I'm home. She can't wait.

Moments are counted down, trying to spent time at work to make the hours fly by quicker. Phone calls snuck on break, talking to the guy that makes sure that silly smile is on her face. It's more than she could ask for.

More than she ever thought she deserved.

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