16 July 2010

the party, part xxxiv (34)

The overhaul has begun.

“Friends” have been deleted off of facebook, special lists made so only the people she cares about can talk to her, and craziness averted. It feels liberating and amazing and like she’s wrapped up in a blanket of love. (Cheesy, she knows)

And she’s down South at the family restaurant; the zoo didn’t get her references in time so she was ineligible to help out there. But it’s fine. Work’s fun. The servers and bartenders are so incredibly nice and welcoming, and she doesn’t have to go into work until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. What more could you ask for?

Her friends, that’s what.

She misses them so much, and there’s only so much you can talk about on the phone. It’s a million times better in person. There’s a few people down here, of course, but she doesn’t really know them and the only time they have together is when they’re all working. She wishes her friends had snuck down in the trunk or something, anything to keep her sane.

Because the mornings, before work? She’s home alone, and it gets pretty boring after the first hour or two. There are only so many games online she can stand before going braindead.

But she deals with it.

There’s no going home, no crying “Uncle” or clicking her heels three times. There’s only waiting for two weeks to pass, sometimes in monotony and sometimes so busy time flies.

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