14 July 2010

i'm the man who can't be moved

Watched the video for The Scipts' "Man Who Can't Be Moved" and you know how people cry at the commerical that goes back in time to when the two people met before they begin their life together? (I tried to find it, but I forgot what it's for)

I started bawling watching Man Who Can't.

First off, the band is one of my all-time favorites. I love Danny O'Donoghue's voice. Secondly, I'm Irish :) And it's just so sweet. The entire thing. The song, the lyrics, the video...

I want a guy like Danny. Someone that would love me that much, as to go to that kind of lengths...well, that would be entering uncharted territory for moi.

Of course, I have like three (guy) friends that love me like that, but they're all gay. And I have some prospects...I don't know. The one I've only started talking to since school let out, and he's going to be gone soon. Off to school. Another is practically my brother. I've known him for almost five years...And then there's the guy Audra wants to set me up with...

I have no idea. Why can't I find a guy that looks like Danny O'Donoghue, is sweet like Stefan from Vampire Diaries, dangerous like Damian, and just...perfect. For me.


  1. Also: Happy 200th post, everyone! Thanks for sticking with me and my craziness!:)

  2. Addy, I love you! I know that you'll find the perfect man for you soon enough. You have such a warm heart and a loving personality, that any guy would be either blind or extremely stupid to turn you down. Call me sometime so we can plan something after I get back from New York! We need our Tarot card night again!

    love ya!
    -mal <3

  3. Thanks honey. SAME TO YOU!!!

    And yes, yes we do. Complete with some of the Scream movies? Call me when you get back, I'm in TN until the 25th

    love ya too!
    ~addy owl