01 March 2011


so, we were in college, probably, mid or at the end. idk where we were, i think somewhere around dave and mike because we were cleaning our apartment and they were coming over for dinner or something. and we were like “gah, we have to clean up,” but neither of us wanted to get out of bed because we were snuggling and all happy and still half asleep. 
so i said “well, i’ll go make french toast or something” as an incentive to get you up.
it didn’t work. i tried to get up and you just pulled me back down around my waist and buried your head in my shoulder, kissing my neck. “no, not gonna happen.”
and i fake grumbled about it, because i didn’t want to get up anyhow, and we just laid there for a few minutes.
“i like this,” you said. 
“i know, me too.”
“no, i really do.”
“i know”
but you kissed me and kept telling me i didn’t understand and how everything was just amazing and cool and great.

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