27 October 2008

Coming Home

A boy around my age walked into the room and all eyes swiveled towards him. He walked part most of the admiring eyes, going instead toward the window in the back of the cafeteria - towards me. He wore neat and obviously new jeans along with an unknown -to me- band's shirt. He held a notebook in one hand and was tucking a book into his pant's pocket. I quickly noticed it was a Peter S. Beagle book, a favorite of mine.
He looked lonely. His dark, stormy blue eyes swept over the cafeteria, moving from one side to the other as if looking for someone. His eyes swept over me and suddenly his face broke into a delighted grin. He loped easily over to me, enveloping me in his long, warm arms. I could smell vanilla and stories past, while I heard him whisper, "Ah, there you are."
And I felt like I'd finally come home.
Wrote this for a descriptive writing excerise in English. What do you think?

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