03 April 2011

dear alex

I love you because you say things like ‘wacky’. And like waffles with PB or Nutella. Because you know how to make me feel special and beautiful, which is a really hard thing. Because you do crazy things like saying 
you: yeah, really :) hell, for all i know i might love you or some crazy shit like that ♥
me: woah woah woah man. that there are so heavy words. you sure you mean them? ;)
you: if i said yes would you hold it against me? :)
just because you know it’ll make my night while you’re at work and we can’t really talk. And it did. 
I love you for you and how amazing you are. How you are sweet and kinda and good and it’s all like a fairytale. One five years in the making, and it’s like good wine - it got better over the years. 
I love that you are my best friend and my boyfriend. That I can trust you with all the crazy going on in my life and know you’ll still be there for me no matter what. I love that you’re you and I’m me and we’re together. Finally. At last. After all the stubbornness and “No, not going to” and generally just being dumb (all three on my part, since you were always the smart one)
I love that you let me steal your hoodies and don’t complain when, a week later, I want a different one because the one I have doesn’t smell like you anymore. I love when you’re playing your guitar, when you’re singing (you’re going to make it into Varsity Voices, I know it), when you’re cracking jokes. When you squeeze my hand and look into my eyes and all I can see in them is love. 
I love that you love me, and make me want to be more. That you listen to me rant or make up silly plans and just go along with it. That you protect me for little things (like certain people we know) and don’t even question why I don’t like being around them. How you are gallant and noble and amazing. Like my own personal knight out of a storybook.
How you’re persistent, and convinced you’re going to win me a Kindle. How you make me believe you about that, even if I do think you’re being ridiculous.
I love how you’ve made me secure and grounded and made me realize that you really do love me and I need to shut up about being all insecure about it. I love that you love my weird, random little notes I write you at the end of the day with whatever’s on my mind. Or doodle really weird, crappy pictures.
How you understand me at my oddest. Like my “we need different levels of love” rant I went on the other day. How you will give up seeing the movie you want to see to go see the (terrible) one I want to.
But mostly? Mostly I just love you for everything that you are. 
I just love you, Alex. 
Plain and simple. 
Forever and always.

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