01 July 2011

one day…

One day, I will find him.

He will be dark haired, and have blue eyes, and a charming (and disarming) smile. He’ll catch me off-guard. Maybe he’ll be 
in one of my classes, or work with me, or bump into me at the mall and offer to buy coffee.

We’ll become friends. And I’ll slowly introduce him to everyone I care about, starting with those that are like family and working my way to the actual one. He’ll have to be approved by Eric and Alex (for even if we dated before, he still knows me very well), and will hopefully become friends with them. Then he’ll meet TJ, and Bren, and Audra, and Jess. And my 
family. My family will love him, by the way. 

He’ll understand my clingy nature, and not be annoyed if I call him 3+ times if he doesn’t answer. He will be spontaneous and romantic and take me on old-fashioned dates and to the bookstore for a whole day. He’ll understand when I cry during movies, and argue about Harry Potter with me. He’ll be as well-versed in books as I am, and love cheesy Disney 
movies and understand that Nutella makes everything better.

He’ll go shopping with me and not get annoyed - just tell me I’m beautiful in all the dresses I try on. We’ll spend days just 
lying in the grass, watching the clouds, and talking. 

He won’t disappear and leave me lonely. If he can’t get to me, or knows he won’t be able to call later, he’ll do it earlier and 
let me know. And he won’t cancel dates unless it’s terribly important, and he’ll never make up excuses.

He’ll get along with my friends, and his will like me too. And if they don’t and say something terrible about me, he’ll 
actually stand up for me. He’ll show them that I’m important too. 

He’ll love me.

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