04 July 2009

Maybe It's NOT Hopeless...

This summer, I mean. Maybe he's finally figured out how not to be a jerk, and maybe things are starting to look up. I mean, when he apologizes for a week straight and spends as much time as possible talking to me, when in the past he spent what he thought he had to, isn't that an improvement?

I think so. Hope so, actually. Really, though, I believe that he's not giving me empty words like before.

So, Las Vegas. Man...I went everywhere. Saw all the hotels on the strip, went to L.A. (saw Hollywood, including Michael Jackson's star [so many people!!]; Melrose; Venice Beach; Santa Monica...) It was a great vacation, and I hope they'll let me come back sometime.

Nothing much else. Hopefully I'll have some actual writing for you soon. Peace out, for now!

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