03 November 2009


So, I think it's safe to assume we've all heard of FML and GivesMeHope.

But have you ever been to mylifeisaverage.com? Because it's epic. A sample:

"Today, my brother came home complaining about some jerk that drove past him and threw pink glitter in his hair through the car window. As he left the room, I turned to see my dad hiding large pots of pink glitter, stopped when he spotted me, smiled and put a finger to his lips. I love my dad. MLIA"

"Today, a young male trick-or-treater came to my door in a fairy suit, with vampire teeth. A bit confused I asked if he was vampire or a fairy. He replied with, “I'm both. My name is Edward Cullen.” Needless to say he got all of the candy I had. MLIA."

"Today, I went to visit my friends at the University of Michigan. I saw a student dressed up as Megatron from Transformers. As he crossed the street he spotted another student dressed at Optimus Prime. The two began to face-off in the middle of the street while cars were trying to get by. A policeman stopped the traffic to allow them to finish their battle. He declared Optimus the winner. MLIA"

I got my own. ^////^
Check it out: just search for "backgroundmusic" (as a member) until I find the profile link. Then I'll add it to "where's adalia?"

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