06 November 2009


Just wanted to know if any of you are participating in this year's NaNo. If so, friend me! My link is under 'where's adalia?'.

I'm trying to go with my story "Au Revior", but I'm about 9,524 words short right now for where I should be (10002 by the end of the day). Here's the plot synopsis and detailed plot (the first one would most likely go on the back cover)

Plot Synopsis

Ashling Smithson is a normal girl. Normal, that is, until she meets the mysterious Joel Tariq. He’s everything she could have dreamed of – a best friend, gentleman, and boyfriend all rolled up in one amazing person.

Well, so she thought.

Turns out there’s something far more sinister than she could imagine lying just beneath his perfect green eyes. Joel’s part of an ancient organization, the Jareth, and they’re not the only baddies out there. Besides Joel, another, far more horrifying, group is creeping out of the shadows to steal Ashling as their own.

What would you do if your soul was not yours to fight for anymore?

Ashling is floating along her senior year of high school just wanting it to be over. With the new year comes new people, people she envies for their anonymity. One of them catches her eye, a gorgeous boy named Joel Tariq. She’s immediately drawn to him, almost inexplicably so. It’s as if he was a close friend she hadn’t seen in years.

After getting to know one another and getting as close as she’s ever gotten to a person, Ashling learns something that will change her life: Joel is one of the Jareth*. They specialize in things she’s only suffered countless nightmares about, things that shouldn’t rightfully exist.

And they want her.

Yes, the collection of ghoulies and legendary creatures want her in their midst. Especially a very scrumptious looking vampire who’s already captured her heart and soul – Joel. He’s convinced she’ll stay with him forever – including the “changes” that would have to happen to keep her with him.

Why is he so drawn to her? Because everything about her is reminiscent of his Juliana, one who died over 300 years ago. Joel is sure that Ashling is her reincarnation, and their sudden and strong-as-steel bond is almost enough to convince her too. Joel’s determined not to lose her soul again…

He just didn’t count on Them. Them being the “badder” guys, the Carden**. They are convinced just as surely as Joel is that Ashling will be theirs – just like with Juliana. A genuine creature of the darkness. The reality behind every myth and horror story you’ve ever heard.

When you’re as powerless as Ashling feels in this situation, how could you even begin to try and escape it all? Especially since it seems that escaping the worse means letting go of the best.

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