18 May 2011


Today started off so well, then went downhill so fast. Woke up early, got to get some Mickey D’s for breakfast, got to school early and had time to relax (if I get there too late, it stresses me out >.<)….

Then Alex flipped because he forgot a paper for Physics. 

Calmed him down, went to TA and got a terrible scene where my character has a dead 4 year old. Got to math, and we had fun because it was a blow off class today (our teacher realizes that none of us care anymore).

Fast forward to lunch.

He found out his Econ teacher lost his papers. I believe it - he did the same to me last semester. But what does he do? He depresses out, lies down and takes it, and gets in the worst mood ever. And takes it out on me.

 I know he didn’t mean too, that he’s just not a person you want to be around when he’s upset, but still. It’s not my fault!

And now? Now our big 6 month date is cancelled because he is “grounded until further notice”.

I hate everything

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