20 June 2009

The Party, Part XII (12)

Concrete evidence comes up in regular conversation.

They’re just sitting in the swing, talking about everything and nothing, watching rain fall, when he says the one thing guaranteed to make her smile like a little kid in a candy store: “I really like you, too, you know,” he mumbled, lacing his fingers with her small ones. An electric smile flashed across her face and it’s all she can do to not erupt into nervous giggles.

The rain starts to get worse. “We should have maybe gone inside when we had the chance, huh?” she laughs, pulling her side of the towel closer with her free hand. It’s getting harder every passing second, but it seemed like either of them could care less about the rain falling all around them. They had that moment, tucked under a Spiderman beach towel, and that was enough.

She was content, even though she was freezing.

So they eventually make a mad dash back inside, ending up soaking wet. Well, our girl was – he had hogged the towel during the run in. Their time for the day is slipping away, and she wishes time would slow down for her. For them.

A quick game of Guitar Hero is squeezed in before he must leave. For once, she can beat him at something. No one can touch him when it comes to athletics and being a genius, but hand this girl a PlayStation controller and she’s unbeatable. Even though she’s got no sense of rhythm, it’s still more than he has.

But then the inevitable happens.

He has to leave. It’s pouring rain, and even though he says he’ll ride his bike, her mom pushes him into the car. “You can come get it soon, don’t worry,” she reassures as they both slip into shoes. Our girl can’t go. It breaks her heart, having to say goodbye.

He takes one look at her face and pulls her close. Intertwines their hands again, lifts her spirits, smiles that smile that she loves. “I’ll call later, okay?” She mutely nods, not trusting herself to not say the thousands of things she wishes she had the courage to say.

So…why did she wait all night by the phone for a call that never came?


Total side note, but today was my grandmother's 6oth birthday. If only she could have spent it with us...you get what I mean, Abby.

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