16 June 2009

Tossed Around

I lean against my locker, spacing out as I wait for him. It’s before classes and it’s early. Too early for thought or conjugation or anything else that requires effort. There are people all around, but I don’t pay attention.

One phrase bursts through my bubble of thought: “I love you.” Smirking to myself, I consider those mere 3 words, 8 letters.

Those words are tossed around so much – too much – and it makes things hard to believe. Friends yell it in the halls to one another, lovers whisper it in each other’ ears as they hold themselves together, its in the shy girl’s eyes as she watches him with someone else.

But how often in high school do you hear people say it and mean it? How often are they murmured like a prayer to the person you need to have hear you?

Not often.

Truth is, we’re all just lonely kids trying to figure out what love is. So, we think we find it, but we really haven’t. You can pick out those who have truly loved another with their heart and soul. They don’t toss the words out, but tentatively hand them out like pieces of their very essence to those they trust.

That’s how it should be.


  1. Man, this makes me remember the first time I told my girlfriend that I loved her. I almost started to laugh, truth be told, because I started thinking of all the meaningless things that I would say I love. Pizzza and sleep, for example. Video games, but that's more of an addiction to me. But the way you've gotta feel in order to truely be able to look into her eyes and tell her you love her... is such a complex, wonderful feeling, it shouldn't have to suffer being belittled into a four-lettered word.

    Haha, sorry, that's probably a little more emotional than I usually am.

  2. Aw, TJ!!! ^//^ You and Rae are so cute together.

    But...doesn't it just fit? Like, everyone goes "Oh, I love you!" when you do something stupid or they want something from you. But it seems like only a few people ever say it because they really mean it.

    And even when you do say it and mean it, some people are too dense to get what you mean. :P


  3. Well... when people do something stupid, I usually call them idiots...