02 June 2009

Crazy Carnival Ride

“Welcome to my little invention. It’s something I fondly refer to as the Love Maker. Yes, yes, it sounds silly and probably just some idiotic game made up for carnivals such as this. Well then, why don’t you try it?
“Simply put your head into this little cap and sit still. What, sounds too easy? Well, my dear, love is easy – it’s the people in it that make it complicated. Just sit tight. You might feel a slight pinch around your bellybutton, but I can assure you it’s nothing that will damage you permanently. Don’t look so shocked. I did make you sign a waver before you did this.
“Easy now! Even in pain you must keep as still as possible or your soul might be injured! Oh, I forgot to mention that part, didn’t I? You see, my machine searches your soul, heart and innermost thoughts to figure out who your perfect match is. To do so, you need to be completely still or you might suffer some rather odd side affects…
“Like what, you ask? Well, it can be as slight as a simple headache or upset stomach, or can get as severe as amnesia or a heart attack. Don’t give me that look! I did warn you beforehand! What, you want a refund? Sorry. I don’t give them out. If you notice the small print on the bottom of your waver form…yes, right there….it bluntly states that the ride operator can not and will not give out cash refunds. Actually, no refunds of any type. At all.
“Now, let’s see…only a few moments more, and then we’ll know. What? Oh, you want to know what happens once the machine finishes searching and calculating? That’s easy! Your dream person appears, of course! No, I can assure you I’m not making this up. You can believe it or not, but you certainly will in a matter of seconds.
“Wow, you sure know how to pick ‘em. Let’s see…a gentleman, smart, funny, sarcastic, environmentalist, animal lover, black hair, green eyes, avid sports player and fan…can your guy get any better?
“Here’s the kicker, hon – he’s mine now.”


Since I act in my spare time, I can't help but end up writing scripts and monologues. So, here's the most recent one. Written when I was bored and listening to the radio (Circus by Britney Spears came on) and this is the end result. Hope you like it. ^-^


  1. This is most awesome! I love the ending.

  2. TJ, sweet words aren't going to help!!!
    -dangerous grin- But thanks anyways.


  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments you gave me!

    Keep it up. When does summer start for you? Are you free yet?

  4. 5fblw: You're welcome! You are an excellebnt writer, and I really enjoy reading your stuff.

    -sigh- Little less than a week on school, though. Snow days and such, you know, and then all the finals. But I'm taking a mini break with my family today, so it's all good. You people probably won't hear from me until next Friday at the earlies. I have a HUGE paper to write and a bunch of reviews that need to get done.