29 May 2009

Love-Hate Relationship

I hate this.

I hate the way you make me feel and how the world seems better around you. I hate the butterflies I get whenever I'm around you. I hate this situation - our situation - and all that it entitles. I hate...

I hate you
I love this

I love how I feel when I'm around you. I love how you make me laugh. I love how you never think before you speak. I love...

I think I love you.


  1. :((

    addy hun, things will work out. I promise you. Don't worry about him hes a total jerk. you were so happy yesterday, I refuse to let him bring you down.
    just make it through last hour (and I'm telling you I'm will to not go and hang out with you) and then you're coming over and you don't have to deal with him.
    jesus loves you! XD

    ps idk how your sending me text but I'm really low. so I can't really text right now. :PP

  2. Trust me, I've known the guy longer than you. To put it nicely, he's not worth it. You should forget about him, in my opinion.

  3. Abby - Things are already looking better, so no worries. I told you everything already, so...yeah. :D K, no more texts!!!!!

    TJ- I know. But it's worth it to me.

  4. I'm sorry, but if I'm friends with a guy, he's either a loser or a jerk... He's kinda the best of both, in a matter of speaking.

  5. TJ!!! Yes, yes he's a jerk sometimes but...he's worth it. So yeah, he's the "best of both" but...-sigh- this is a huge long story and I'll just email you, okay?