24 May 2009

The Party, Part VII (7)

When she asked what was life without a little danger, she didn’t mean danger of this sort.

No, she meant something far closer to taking chances and meeting new people, not trying to mend ties with old friends. She never wanted to. In fact, she was terrified. Even standing so close to him…it was enough to make her heart go crazy. He meant too much to her. There was no way she wanted to screw things up even more than they already were. No way would she risk everything on the premise of making things better.

Yet here she was in a thinly veiled attempt to try and get him into the conversation. Her friends mimed dragging him out of the chair, his back to them all, and forcing him to talk. They knew how much he meant to her, and how much she used to matter to him (although, she kept pointing out, he was the one who ended the friendship, so she obviously didn’t mean that much). None of them really knew though, and she blamed herself for not telling them before. After all, if she didn’t tell them, they would never know. He certainly would never say anything about it.

Enter the best friend.

She knew from day one that her friend and him were close. That they were good friends. People warned her of this, too. Warned that, yes, they were chummy now, but that could change in a year or two.

They were right. Even though the best friend wouldn’t admit it, she was noticing the faint signs of a crush. Whenever she brought him up, her best friend would change the subject but if she brought him up, our girl was supposed to just sit there and listen. Shouldn’t it work both ways? She wondered one day. Aren’t we supposed to console each other and promise to never let a boy come in-between us?

But it was already doomed.

He hadn’t spoken to her in around six months, and it didn’t look like that would change anytime soon. No sir, things were awkward and that was how he liked it. Disgusted looks thrown over shoulders, moving to the other side of the hallway – into ‘oncoming traffic’ – just to avoid her…this guy truly was a jerk.

So why does our girl care so much? Because he lied. There had been flirting and, besides that, a genuine friendship. He told her to wait. She waited. He never came back. She chased. He messed with her heart and mind. She cried. He could have cared less.

Can’t everyone relate?


Sorry about the huge Party dump. I posted 6 & 7 and then realized I hadn't updated it since the 3rd part! Jeeze, Addy, slipping like that....well, here's 4-7. Part 8's already on it's way.


  1. Your stories are just so...
    You really have a talent. Thanks for the good entertainment =]


  2. Hopefully you post more... I've been trying to catch up!

    How is everything lately? Lucky for me things are quieting down, giving me more time to blog