13 May 2009

This is Reality....

This -
this breath
this moment
this tune -
is what life is about.

One moment it
finds purchase in the world
the next it falls

into the darkness
into awkward silences
into my memories
as you slip away

Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
Why am I left here,
wondering all of the
"what if's"?

How is it that one moment
can be so infinatly different than another?
That you can change
all in the space of 60 seconds?
That I can screw it up and
land flat on my face?

Sigh as the thoughts flow
and my mind starts to numb.
The simple truth is:
I have no idea

No idea about you
or what's in the future.
But I'm willing to wait
and try.


I'm sure you know what (and who) I'm talking about, Abigailxx.

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