28 May 2009

The Party, Part IX (9)

Taking a chance is a two-sided thing though.

So how is our girl going to take this risk, this huge risk, without him there too? To put it simply, there’s probably a slim chance he feels the same way as she does. Very slim, actually. And, for the most part, she’s okay with that. Okay, so she’s really not one bit okay with that, but she’d rather have what they have now then nothing.

And this amazing best friend, the one who our girl thinks is probably the only real best friend she’s ever had, she helps. A lot. More than even she knows. There are times when our girl is just hopeless, almost to the point of depression, and then this best friend shows up and makes things okay.

She’s gone from friendless to social butterfly.

But back to this guy. He’s someone she never really saw herself going for. He plays a sport every season, isn’t the smartest person in the class (no offense), and kinda a jerk sometimes. But you know what? He’s her jerk, so that makes it okay.

And it’s not like he does it on purpose. It’s just that his mouth works a little bit quicker than his brain – which causes a lot of the stuff he says to come out wrong. Actually, it’s kinda hilarious. According to him, though, he really doesn’t realize he’s being a jerk unless someone calls him on it.

And who better than our girl?

She doesn’t mind. In fact, it gives her even more opportunity to talk to him. Late night phone calls that should end in 20 minutes and last over an hour, hanging out and generally just being dorks…it’s what they do.

It’s weird for her, though. She thinks the attraction is there, but who can really be sure? When they’re alone or just talking on the phone it’s so much different then when they’re with other people. The conversation flows more easily and they just goof off. It’s like they’ve been friends forever.

So…is this love?

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