01 May 2009

Shattered Hearts (companion to Scattered Letters)

Hearts shatter every second
So why is heartbreak so painful?
So full of sadness and tears?

Glass breaks, shatters, cracks.
Why must hearts be made of glass,
When it’s so obviously breakable?

Thoughts such as these
Are stemmed from rainy days,
Lovely smiles and chocolate-chip cookies.

Smiles that can mend a heart
(if put to the correct use)
Or cause a broken one even more pain.

I see one of those smiles
And try to forget it so
I may go about my day.

It’s no use.
It stays hidden in my thoughts all day,
Popping up when least expected.

Although it’s not unpleasant,
It does remind me of another
And times spent not-so-long ago.

The owner of this smile is…
Well, that’s the hard part.
Am I dreaming of perfection, or is it really him?

Is he really who I think,
Or is my imagination acting up again
As it’s apt to do?

Sigh as the comparisons draw closer
Until I’m not sure which one is which
And who it is I wish I were with

Someone One or Someone Two
Or some strange combination of both?
Possibly something different altogether?

Whatever the imagery in my mind,
It’s not likely to become truth
Unless I take the initiative and run.

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