19 May 2009

Some Shamless Promotion....

So, I'm a huge Indigo Girls fan. Grew up listening to their music, know a lot of the songs by heart and just generally love them. AND THEY'RE COMING TO TOWN!!!!! (yay!)

Since tickets run roundabouts $45 and my mom and I were going (she's the one who introduced me to them), it would have easily been $100+ to go. BUT we got selected for the Street Crew. For two tickets and a *free* t-shirt, we have to put up banners on the 'net and about 400 posters around town. I'd love it if you checked them out. If you haven't heard them, rush to their website and listen a bit.

BUT if you're in the area, for those of you who know me, they're playing Mejier Gardens on July 24th with Brandi Carlile. Tickets are $45 and selling out quick.

Hope to see some of you there!

eek. I'm actually going. xD

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