11 May 2009


There are things I can not comprehend, let alone try to explain through words that can take on a meaning of their own. Things like love, why birds sing, why the sky is so enticing, and why crew is simply addicting. Things like my feelings, my emotions, and why they are what they are. Things like how a smile can make my day and why I giggle when certain words are said.

But…they all want me to put my feelings into words. Words that can be interpreted many different ways, depending on who said them, whom they’re said to, who eavesdrops…they are not always as reliable as one might think. Especially one who plans to make her career on words.

Obviously, I don’t want to screw things up like I have in the past. Screw up so much that I lose someone who means so much to me. But how do I let you know?

No clue.

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