05 November 2010

& the best way to make it through with hearts and wrists intact is to realize 2 outta 3 ain't bad

Hey i know wev ben haveing our differnce for along time. just wanted say sry if any it offended you or w/e and just want see how ur life going

What offends me is how you and Audra both have been treating me since you've been spending time with Calvin. Frankly, it makes me avoid spending time with you as much as possible - to the point that it has become that I only do at lunch, because of Audra and Lenore. Thank you for apologizing, but if you continue to treat me like you did the other day then we have nothing more to discuss

Also, notice his spelling. That offends me as well. Seriously, after everything he's done lately he thinks that will help? Nope. not really. Especially when he signs out on me instead of ever responding back :P


  1. I was on a laptop in work on my break. i was limited on time. and if you are offened by that for me trying to make an action... idk waht to say towards that


  2. 1) You always type/spell like that. Laptop = not an excuse.
    2) I was offended that you thought that was enough to fix everything you've done and said in the past few months. And that you just said it and signed out.

  3. Also, please stop checking my blog.

  4. I signed out cuz... i was working and was on my break and i had to clock back in. it wasnt that i didnt want to talk anymore.

    And nobody is perfect. you cant ask everyone to have perfect spelling.


  5. Like I said, *please* stop reading my blog. I don't appreciate it when you comment on this. Say it to my face, or on facebook. Not here.

    This is my one spot that I can be anonymous and not have to deal with this kind of stuff.
    This is my one spot to vent, to let stuff out. And I don't mind knowing that Audra checks it - if she has a concern about it, she tells me. She doesn't leave an Anonymous comment. But knowing that you check it kinda makes me want to shut it down, make a new account that you'll never find. Because this is *mine*, and frankly? I really don't want you reading it.