14 November 2010

tell me how i've lost my power

i thought that we'd make it.

I'm so sorry, screamers, that I haven't gotten anything new to you lately. Between Like the Stars Above, Golden Children, Au Revior and other things (tumblr, school, RL, stuff like that...)

right now you're the only reason i'm not letting go

Still feeling weird. Still have no idea why.

I just feel...like I need to type and type and type and it still won't be enough. Maybe it's not just my body that's out of order, but my head too...maybe?

I could write for days and not empty my skull.

keep me safe inside your arms like towers, tower over me

I know I sound pathetic and whiny, but all I want is someone to be with. To let me curl up in their arms, kiss me on the forehead and tell me they'll love me forever. Is that so much to ask?

Applied for a few jobs...Mom says it'll "help get me out of my head". I like my head, thank you very much. I'll admit, sometimes it's not the greatest place ever, but whatever. It's better than most. Not filled with sex&drugs&booze, right?


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