13 November 2010

Writer Ninja has taken over....

Lo there. It is Writer Ninja here!
One thing I have noticed about Addy is that she has a great passion for writing. I can only wish her the best in the future because I know it will be bright. In honor of her writing aspirations, I have decided to submit this poem I wrote months ago. I hope you all enjoy it.

He stood at the edge of a murky beach in a maddened haze.
Six feet under, they were in a grave.
The mistakes he made all began to play back.
His world’s canvas was becoming a tortured shade of black.
“What if I came home sooner,” he wondered. “What if I was better to them when they were alive?”
He looked over the peer ready to take the tumultuous dive.
About to jump, with bloodshot eyes, he looked into the grimy ocean and rocks to see his reflection below.
He felt a loving whisper of those he cared about in his ear and then he did know.
Sometimes the hardest thing in life is truly accepting yourself and what you’ve done.
Because of acceptance, he lived to stand on the pier and watch the rising sun.

Best wishes,

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