13 December 2010

the party, part xxxvii (37)

Too bad knocking on wood doesn’t always work, and Sweet 16s aren’t always sweet.

Because, you see, this guy turned out to be another one that would chip away at our girl’s heart yet again. Another B, another A…another one she should have seen coming. Another one that would fall through on his promises, another one that would lie when he said he would never.

At least it’s not as bad as the previous two, though. They’re friends, they really are…but sometimes she sees him and all she wants to do is curl up in his arms again.

Sadly, this is not a new thing.

Maybe it’s the stress of junior year, maybe it’s everything else and pills, but all she wants to do is go to A. For a moment, go back to what they had. Be in the circle of his arms, the one place she felt safe then. It’s the Maine’s song “Into Your Arms”, kinda. All our girl, our sad little girl who just wants a break, is what she thought she came closest to with him.


All we all ever want is to be loved, right? Have someone to call our own, someone that calls us their own. Someone to kiss when you’re happy and hold you when you’re not. To make you laugh, to be a dork with you, to just be there. To love you, with all your quirks. To love you, in spite of them.

Sometimes, though, our girl gets so blue. Thinks that she doesn’t deserve that kind of love, won’t ever find it, could never.

It’s ridiculous, she knows.

But still. It’s there, in her thoughts. And it sucks, but what can you do? She certainly doesn’t know, or she’d have someone, wouldn’t she? Touché, I know. All she wants is her Prince Charming, her Aladdin, her Eric. That Disney fairytale every little girl is duped into believing they’ll get.

Well, her she is, begging for it. So, where are you, fairytale man? Stop being so stubborn, get off your white horse, and ask for directions already.

She’s getting rather impatient, and it’s bad manners to keep a lady waiting.

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