03 December 2010

  • well for one, she's a bit of a romantic, but that's okay with me, i kinda like it. i like it a lot, actually.
  • oh really? that's cute
  • yeah, she is
  • awwwwwwwe more!
  • she seems to be kinda stressed lately since she's got a lot of stuff going on at school, hate seeing her like that, and i hope sometime she/we can just relax together
  • awe, i bet she does too. i heard she likes disney movies
  • oh really now?
  • well, yeah most girls do especially when they're stressed
  • maybe she'd like to sit down and watch a couple sometime?
  • probably
  • so maybe i should get together with her sometime over the next few weekends so we can sit down and watch some?
  • Yeah. Go for it!
  • alright, i'll talk to her about it sometime
  • Go you! I'm sure you'll have her in no time
  • and if i already do?
  • Then she is one lucky girl

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