14 January 2009


I fight through the trees
That threaten me.
I fight through my fears
That taunt me.
All to find

I run through the forest,
The forest of my fears,
To seek the hidden truths.
I see your face in my mind.
You’re calling out:
In fear?
In joy?
I can not tell.

In my forest,
My forest of fears,
Are you scared too?



The latest in my series of old poems.
Question: How do you deal with the things in life that scare you the most? ( things such as phobias, the future, etc. )


  1. Answer: Run away, confront it, or ignore it. I usually do one of these.

  2. did you take that photo? it's really good.

  3. Michael: No, sadly I did not. I wish I could take credit for it, but I live in a concret forest where trees are few and far between.

    TJ: Obviously. I've known you long enough to at least have guessed the last 2.

  4. hmm, stay alone? being solitude..
    chill down myself, not to think in a bad way, and last confront it~
    Ignore and run only make the things getting even worse.