17 January 2009

An Impossible Life

Today is impossible
I can not get by
I see you every where I go
And I am scared

Living without you
Is the hardest thing
I’ll ever do

I don’t know what to do,
Where to go,
To escape from
Everything that reminds me of you

I see someone walking
Is it you?
Or those shoes you always wore…
They whisper memories from their spot near me

I turn around
Startled by a sudden burst
Of our song on the radio
I imagine you are with me

I remember that horrible night
The words spoken and not
An apology on my tongue
That never got out

I rush to the phone
Punching in the familiar numbers
Will you answer?
My heart leaps in terror

You do!
“Hello?” from that velvet voice
I answer back,
Voice quiet and meek

“I’m sorry” I whisper
Tears falling for years.
“I was stupid, and

You reassure me,
Get in the car.
Moments later,
You’re with me

Anyone had this happen to them before? And, if so, how did you cope? Did they come back, did you crumble, would you even admit you were stupid and selfish?

I wrote this originally for a novel I wanted to write using regular means and poetry infused within it. Hm...reading it over again makes me want to go write. Maybe I shall.


  1. hey, i lov ur poetry!!! ur a rlly good writer!!!

  2. Madi- Thank you! It's always nice to receive positive feedback. And now:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    my poetry is "good"
    and so are you!