23 January 2009


What is life? Is it something we all must get through, the ‘ticket’ to heaven or hell? A collection of moments preserved in a scrapbook? The faces of those who surround us our whole lives and faces of those who are there only a second in the hour of our lives?

Or is it much more than all of that put together? When you consider the people in your life, the thing in the forefront of your mind probably isn’t how much they care about you – it’s how much you enjoy having them in your life; how much they keep your grounded to reality and help you through the rough patches. Amazingly fortunate are those who, without realizing it, have such an enormous support base that can help them even the darkest of times.

And, even though most won’t admit it, we all have our own “Dark Age” throughout life’s journey. People most special in our lives leave, whether by their own means or that of fate and time; we get hurt, emotionally and physically; time passes; we all age. Yes, those are negative things that sometimes make it hard to stumble out of the comfort of a warm bed and deceiving dreams, but isn’t it a mark of inner strength for those who get up anyways?

Though it might not feel like it, things always get better. Through the most dismal of times and situations, haven’t we all risen from the ashes to proclaim that the fight’s not over just yet? Risen to shout to the heavens that, darn it, we’re here and we’re here to stay? They say the first step is admitting you need help, but I think it truly is the moment when you’re strong enough to realize it on your own. No outside influences, no person whispering in your ear – the moment when only you chose your destiny.

The strongest person in the world has weaknesses, and it is human nature to doubt this. For, don’t we all think the rich and wealthy have no means of destruction? That the only ones who are vulnerable are those such as ourselves, the ones that are all jumbled together and given the title “normal”?

It’s simply not true.

No matter where you come from, who you are, you have the strength to move anything in your path – literally and not. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

You are loved more than you know. When you think the world has turned it’s back on you, look again – you’re wrong, for I will always be here for you.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You did this in 15 minutes????
    Wow. Absolutely amazing!