12 August 2010

don't let me fall

One of my friends told me to just sit down, empty my brain, and write down what I thought. Here's what I got:

Love is gonna free us
Conversations bleeding day and night together
Ringtones foretelling doom and pain
Bright sun, dim inside
Turn down the voices in my head
Alice fell down that hole looking for herself and found Hatter instead
So if I’m Alice, what does that make you?
Eat the cake, drink the wine
Change yourself to fit the mold
It’s pouring in the sunlight and warm in the dark
Hearts, minds, feeling synchronizing
Feeling together and apart
Wanna curl up in bed, go stand on the roof and scream, pretend happiness
Wish you felt something
Don’t let me fall
Catch me if you trip
Are you thinking of me?
Disjointed thoughts, pictures, ideas swirling around to make sense
Watching stars collide and painting roses
Feeling as lost as she
World’s upside down, taste the cake, sip the wine, give in
Don’t let me lose myself
I won’t let you
So why do we argue what is real? What feels right? What is true?
Opposites attract after all, so work at it
Make it work
Fall down the hole

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