15 August 2010

forever we'll be, run baby run

I'm so introspective today. Will be, probably, until the end of the week. It's always like this around my birthday. I take my life under a magnifying glass, inspect all the bits and pieces of things and see what I need to tweak.

My love life is one of the major pieces to be re-examined. My lovely love, Eric, apparently has someone lined up for me, details to come later. I'm a little bit excited, since he knows me very well and knows my tastes.

Argh, just want to get this party started. Going to go watch some AVPS tomorrow with the Lauren and then helping her clean so we can paint her room soon.

I think I'm going to go off and do another thing like Don't Let Me Fall. It was fun to do, and it really helped me calm down. I suggest anyone reading this do one as well. It clears out your head and helps you sort things out.

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