18 August 2010

we would never need to face the world alone.

...One day.

Let's look back, shall we? Fifteenth year in review:

Lost a friend?
Of course

Kissed anyone new?

Had your heart broken?

Were involved in something you'll never forget?

Dyed your hair?
Parts of it

Came close to losing your life?
Eh, not literally

Read a great book?
Yes, lots of them <3

Saw one of your favorite bands/artists live?
Yes. Boys Like Girls on New Year’s Eve

Saw someone famous in person?

15: Your Love Life

Did someone break up with you?

Did you get anything for Valentine's day?

Did you meet anyone special?
Yes :D

Did you fall in love?
I thought I had.

Do you like someone right now?

15: Friends and Enemies

Did you meet any new friends this year?
Lots of them. And I love them all.

Who are your closest friends?
Audra, Lauren, TJ, Eric

Did you grow apart from anyone?
A lot of people, actually

15: All about YOU

Did you change at all this year?
I think so

Did you get your hair cut?

Did you change your style?
Pretty much. 

Were you in school?
Sadly, yes.

Did you get good grades?

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