31 December 2008

Another Year Gone...

Well, let us all salute 2oo8 as we head into what I'm sure will be a wonderful 2oo9.

So, people have asked if I feel these last 365 days have been productive. Eh, I think so. Let's see...

  • Got myself figured out (woot!) and corrected some habits
  • Started writing more for pleasure than feeling as if I had to
  • Spent time with my family
  • Became organized (wow, never thought that one would ever happen!)
  • Started forming my own clothing line (yes, I did, actually. I just don't have the talent yet.)
  • Started Screaming of the Soul (!!!)

Hopefully 2oo9 will be just as amazing! New Year's Resolutions, anyone?

  • Get in shape (although I believe this is on almost everyone's list...)
  • Be more confident!
  • Start an amazing story - and stay with it (plot lines welcomed with open arms, everyone!)
Well, scream at you all later - I gotta go watch the ball drop

[no, Abby...not our town's. The one in NYC...No Plain White T's for me.]

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