27 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry belated Christmas everyone! I hope you all got what you asked for and such. ^_^

I know I did! Not a whole lot, but I got what I wanted:
  • Gir [from Invader Zim] slippers
  • Team Edward shirt [finally!]
  • Ugly Dolls 2oo9 Calender
  • Duck Sauce [you'd be amazed how hard it is to find]
  • Heated Mattress Pad [great for the cold!]
  • Borders, Hot Topic and JoAnne's Fabric gift cards
  • mp3 player speakers that light up!
  • Domo-kun keychain
  • Blow up lightsaber that lights up
But the best present of all was my Sears-Kenmore sewing machine. It was originally my grandmother's, but now has been passed to me. It's especially cool because it's vintage and weighs like 45 pounds. Already tried it out and made a pillowcase. Be on the look out for more sewing projects, coming soon!


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  2. Well I'm glad you were able to get my hint..
    I can't call you; my home phones down because of the wind and shit and my cell is fucked; I'm getting it fixed in a few days....

    well I think you got most of the story; theres a few parts (like the blank part) I can't tell you because I'm afraid to put it on the internet..

    but long story short;
    alex evan and I were going to get drunk together but evan ended up not being able to stay the night; and I couldn't get my way out of it with alex; so I drank; I didn't get wasted; I drank only as much as I had to and acted as stupid as possible to pull off the act; (and he knew and was ok with that!) and she tricked me into popping a pill when I thought it was a harmless caffeine pill we sometimes take.

    and she told evan that we popped and got WASTED and evan didn't even bother to hear my side of the story and even though he knew I was going to put on an act he still believed I lied and actually got drunk..and left me all these texts saying "you; YOU LIED TO ME!" "Never EVER call me ever again!" "I don't want to see you ever again!"
    do you know how bad that hurt me?! When my feelings for him, the feelings I've previous wrote on here about have only gotten stronger since then; since I'm falling harder for him with each day; even now when I've been crying none stop and haven't slept for almost 3 days; the things hes said to me in the past day have made me want to rip my heart out and let myself bleed to death! I said I can't go through life without him and that is becoming a proven fact with every passing minute and every fallen tear.
    I told him I hated him.
    Everything he's ever said to me is a lie. He said he'd be there through anything; no matter what; even this! He specifically told me if I fell into drugs and drinking; even though I haven't; and I'm NOT going to! HE STILL LEFT ME LIEING HERE IN THE DUST TO CRY AND WITHER AWAY TO NOTHING! He said I broke my promise? Well he broke his promise 5 months ago when he got drunk with cody and adam and didn't even care that I was crying on alex porch right infront of him because he acted like I wasn't even there and didn't care if I cared at all! Its not fair!

    I hate him so much!
    but I still would do anything for him.
    this isn't right.

  3. Oh my goodness. Evan is a jerk.

    Well, you want me to talk to him and make him see reason? I totally will.
    [sorry, comment short cuz it's late. I'll call tomorrow]