05 December 2008


So, I just took a 11 page long personality report. If you have the time, I greatly recommend taking it!

Here's mine: [click]

I'm apparently an "Advocating Dreamer". Funnily enough, I find this to fit quite well.


  1. I just got sucked into taking this quiz. I'm a "Generous Creator."

    The description it gave was actually pretty accurate!

  2. This quiz is a vortex of abnormality, that sucks up its bored victims into its psychotic core, where color fly rampant in the form of strange shapes.

    Mine's completly inaccurate, I got "Genorous Thinker".

  3. TJ - Blame Brendyn. He was doing it and it made me want to do it. -points finger- IT'S ALL HIS FAULT (though I think that kinda fits you)

    Dana - It sounds like it would have. Kinda scary that a computer can have you answer a few questions and know almost exactly what you're like, huh?