19 December 2008


Does anyone know how to make these snowflake thingies out of paper? Tyler made some yesterday, and I really want to make some to add "Christmas Cheer" to the house.
On a side note, Happy (almost, in 6 days) Christmas everyone!


  1. Awwww hes such a sweetie.
    Sorry about the whole snow day thing..
    I know you really wanted to see him.
    But hey christmas is right around the corner let the holiday spirit cheer you up hun.

    By the way I'll give you back your FOB cd asap. :D

    Happy holidays hun!
    See you in 2 weeks!

  2. Did Evan make you one?
    Christmas spirit is in full gear! Made Auntie Anne's Take-Home pretzels an hour ago and they turned out great.

    Good! Ha.

    Happy holidays to you too, hun!
    Blah. Is it really 2 weeks?

  3. We made these in my dorm room - they're so pretty :)

    Good luck!!

    This is where we found out how to make them!

  4. Oh, thank you Allison! I wanted some more of different sizes to go with the one.