19 December 2008

Yeah, Presents!

Yeah! So, Dana from shewalkssoftly.com sent my prize out and it just arrived! There's an adorable doe plushie (in my favorite colors!) and a beautiful bracelet. It features pictures from vintage writing supply ads, and is perfect!
It's especially cool that it arrived so close to Christmas! (yeah for early presents!)
Just wanted to tell you all. :D


  1. I love the description of yourself... What contest did you win?


  2. The link is posted in the November posts (something that has "SheWalksSoftly" in the title)...bascially I had to get the word out about another blog. And I won! ^_^

  3. Hey, thanks for the comments. I have been taking picures with my phone except the last three and the black and white ones, which were done with a normal camera.

  4. They are beautiful! Please keep them up!!!

  5. Thats really cool!

    So what are the gifts supposed to represent?

  6. They're just pretty amazing! The writing thing is obviously because I'm a writer, and the doe is in my favorite colors!

    No other meaning, really!

  7. Thats cool!

    Thanks for the comment and the poem dos somewhat represent a little bit of a reality in my life.

    Ho hum. Too bad.

  8. Yeah. I totally geeked out when the package came! My brother just throws it at me, and I'm like, "NOOO it might break!" (cuz I had no idea what it was beforehand."

    That sucks. It'll get better, though, I promise! ;]

  9. Thanks a lot... I hope it does.

    What is on your christmas list?

  10. Eh, not a lot. A sewing machine (which I will start posting my projects on it as soon as I get good enough), clothes...I might get a semi-makeover from my aunt.


  11. Thanks a ton! I do like the Edward and Bella one.. If you check out SuperStizzle's blog I wrote my poem as a follow up to his.

    I do beleive in the magic of Christmas and being with my family makes it so much better. We love to play music and to me it comes with a sort of high. Just like magic.

  12. Yeah, I read his too! They're both amazing, but I believe you captured Bella's essance remarkably well!

    It totally does! Sadly, some of my family can't make it for Christmas due to all the snow. So a little of the magic is gone...Oh well! It'll still be fun, right?