25 October 2009

The Party, Part XXII (22)

It’s the eve of Her-Him Day.

A day a month in the making, one magic day of calm with no school (!!) and relaxation. The day both have been waiting for, especially our girl. She just wants a day to veg with her best friend, chill out and have fun. Eat some animal crackers, maybe coerce him into watching Twilight, laugh and be herself.

But she can’t stop this feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach. He had a trip that weekend, and never called to set up times. Now, our girl is someone who double- and triple-checks plans, especially since she usually ends up getting the time wrong anyways. So when plans aren’t confirmed, she panics a bit.

Or, more like majorly.

It doesn’t help that it’s him, either, her crazy-rollercoaster best friend that usually bails on her anyhow. No…that makes her worry just the tiniest bit more. He says stuff before he speaks, things he thinks about our girl…and, well, she’s starting to think he’s just not going to show up. Oh, he’ll call later and say he was sleeping, and she’ll be heartbroken once again.

And then, predictably, he’ll apologize the next day, maybe even bring some sour punch straws to try and bribe her into forgiving him. And it’ll work because, jeeze, he’s hard to stay mad at. So she’ll just feel like crap, remember how it feels like when you’re just sure none of your friends really care, and he’ll ignore it like he usually does.

Talk about vicious circles, eh?

It’s what happens every time. He’ll initiate the plans, get her excited and thinking that maybe, just maybe, he might actually show, and then kablam! He bails again. It’s just what happens.
And yet, every time, our girl thinks this will finally be the time when he keeps his promise. This time will be the time he comes through for her, since she always does for him. This time he won’t make her miserable.
So…will this finally be that time?
(Because she sure doesn’t know)

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