19 October 2009

petals fall

Sitting at a keyboard,
Needing him to call
(Break the monotony);
Terrified he will

Needing solace
And a confirmation
That this is real
And I am sane

Or even the worst.
Tell me.
Yes or no,
Either way

But don’t leave.
Don’t let me wonder
Or let the thoughts wander
And wish for tomorrow

(even if I long for yesterday)

He loves me.
He loves me not.
Fortunes told through
Red carnation petals

What happens when I get to the last?
Which will it be?
He holds the answer
And I can’t know

Until he decides,
Lets me know if
My heart is broken
Or it’s finally free.

1 comment:

  1. Did you write that?
    It's lovely dear.
    Thankyou for the coment ♥
    Trust me, it will happen.