12 October 2009

A Study of the Behavior of Adolescent Humans

Why do females fall for the “jerks” and males the “sluts”?

Tend to fall for the “jerk” or alpha males. Have little regard for self’s mental stability when with said alpha male. Do not mind when they catch male exhibiting unwanted behavior. Ignore those “nice”, or beta, males

Tend to fall for the “sluts” or alpha females. Go into hormone-induced “la-la land” when around said alpha female. Ignore the “nice”, or beta, females.

I believe that there is something in human DNA that controls this pairing off. As said by Amy Reeder Hadley (quoted in Fool’s Gold, volume 1, by Penny): “…But I hypothesize it [the ‘hole’ in females’ brains] developed in our genetics through natural selection, back in the cavemen days, when we had to make lots of babies in order for our species to survive. If we chose jerks to be the fathers, we knew they would kill and steal enough food for our babies to make it through the winter.” The selections could be due to genetic factors and natural selection.

Variables: Exceptions to human behavior, personalities, personal experience.

Materials: Information/testimony from readers (personal experiences, first-hand encounters)

Procedure: If you are reading this, post a comment detailing why you think things are the way they are. If you have a blog of your own, copy the body of this post and give me the link to it [your post & comments). With enough comments from many different people with many different experiences, we’ll find the cause. (And, hopefully, a solution!)


…To be posted at a later date.

(Please help with this [some-what] social experiment, dear readers!)


  1. I find it slightly amusing that you think there's a solution to this. It's just our genetics and makeup. It makes us human, a term vastly over-used when talking about morality and ethics, but appropriate in this case. Maybe overtime we might evolve, but I doubt it, seeing as even in your analysis of the problem, you state how choosing mates ALWAYS involves status. If we can't seem to see the problem as a whole now, how can we expect any change?

    Haha, and just for the record...you knew what to expect when you asked me to comment my opinion on this. Oh, and Chatta(abby) was the other one who voted interesting. I showed her the page right after you called.

    love ya always <..3

  2. OH and little typo...
    #mal#, not -mel- :]


  3. Truth.
    Lately I've started to hate all these alphamales, even though I am regarded as the "alphafemale," but hopefully not "slut."
    Thankyou for the follow ♥