03 January 2010


I bought a red bellied newt. And, after much consideration, named him Inigo. Like the guy from The Princess Bride. But we call him Iggy.

Here he is, in all his adorable-ness.


  1. I'm pretty sure that he is so adorable I'm going to steal him <3

    Haha I love you.

    We need to schedule something soon. Maybe going to the coffee shop and discussing many odd things?

    Or we could find your missing wigi(spelled wrong of course) board :] I promise, no serial killers this time.

    So let me know. Definitely soon.

    Haha, I will see you in English class :D

  2. Ha, you can try to steal him. My cat's already all jealous.

    Love you too!

    I know!! Should we do one more at the coffeeshop before we head to the library with everyone?

    Ha, no! That thing is possessed. No lie.

    See you in English!