09 January 2010

the party, part xxv (25)

The New Year is rung in.

She spends it dancing crazily downtown, seeing one of her favorite bands ever with one of her favorite people. A slower song comes on, and he wraps his arms around her waist and starts dancing with her in a crowd of thirty thousand people. It’s like time slowed down and the world was just the two of them.

A sigh escapes her lips before she can stop it. She didn’t even want to – she’s happy and content and freezing her butt off but it’s all worth it. Because this guy is so amazing. Because she can hardly believe she’s really there. Because she’s never felt this great before.

And this is only their first date.

Only the first time when people would see them in a public and go, “Hey, look, they’re together.” The first time when she really felt claimed by someone who cared for her outside of her family. The first time when she can totally let go of every inhibition she has and be herself. The first time someone has accepted her as such.

Somehow, in that moment, she is a part of everything around her. The happiness of everyone in the crowd, the pleasant tingle of human contact, the music pouring out of the sound system.

And once the music stops, she knows she still has him.

Let’s just call this guy A. (to make things simpler for everyone). He’s pretty much the greatest thing she’s ever seen, and our girl is happier than she been in a long, long while. He…he just knows her. Somehow always knows exactly what to say, like the right response is tattooed on our girl’s forehead, and somehow is just this really sweet guy. She’s never had anything like that. It’s like that Orianthi song – “According to You”. Before, her best friend’s opinion was all that mattered. But this guy? A? His opinion is what’s great. Because he’s just spent time telling her how wonderful she is, how pretty, and how he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than with her.

But our girl’s more of a shy person than she lets on. This whole relationship thing fairly freaks her out, but she’s ready to rise to the challenge. He’s worth fighting for, and she would do anything not to lose him. Already has, fighting off the rumors and other people’s opinions and trying to just not care.

Because, at the end of the day, just hearing him say “Goodnight” is enough to keep the nightmares at bay.

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