21 January 2010

the party, part xxviii (28)

So…she’s going to cook for him.

It’s a bit scary. She, after all, failed when trying to make macaroni and cheese out of the box – because she didn’t know how to boil water. And he wants to be a baker when he’s older, so he knows a thing or two about cooking.

This whole dinner is her way of winding him down after a week of harsh exams. Her way of kinda celebrating their one month a week late and toasting to the fact that they’re halfway through the school year. To just sit there and eat together, without the hassle of everyone in their lunch period.

She might possibly be in over her head.

One of her best friends joked about getting a distress signal once our girl enters the kitchen, and she’s probably not that far off. Our girl is more talented with mixing up some brownie batter and licking the spoon afterwards. Not throwing together an entire dinner for someone she actually wants to impress.

The only thing she can think to get her mind off of her inner freaking out is to study, but the only exams she has left are nothing. Her art one she can opt out of, and the Photoshop one you get to have the application open the entire time. So she sits at her computer and writes, hoping it will have the same affect.

(writer’s block sucks)

Hard to write something to calm your own nerves when the words just won’t flow. When they get stuck somewhere between you heart and your fingertips and the blood just won’t thicken into ink.

It’s enough to relax her by listening to him play video games. He gets so into it, yelling at the screen and freaking out. It’s even better, though, because he’s in a great mood and she just can’t help laughing. There’s so much about him that she loves, like how he says Pear-e instead of Paris, and how he can make her blush with a single word, a single gesture.

She’s pretty much on cloud nine, even if she is still freaking out a bit.

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